Project Rescue of Amazon Youth

becoming a Volunteer:

Dear prospective P.R.A.Y. volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in the P.R.A.Y. mission. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer for P.R.A.Y. should have a commitment, individually and as part of our team, to love God and serve the people of Brazil.

If you decide to serve as a P.R.A.Y. volunteer and you are accepted into our program, please keep in mind that everything you do while on your volunteer assignment will reflect upon the mission. Please try to do your best to treat everyone with respect and kindness, and to be a carrier of God's love. We do this by respecting and caring for His people, without passing judgement on them.

We strive for unity by being of one mind, spirit, and purpose. Our goal is to connect with and love the people, not to change them. We agree to serve and to help one-another at all times with humility, diligence, and excellence.

If you enter our volunteer program, may your time at the P.R.A.Y. mission be a rewarding and enriching experience. May God bless you as you discern His will to serve as His hands and His heart.

Volunteer Guidelines

Preferred minimum age is 21 years. Younger applicants can be considered as part of a group.

Preferred minimum length of stay is one month. Longer stays are encouraged.

Travel expenses to and from the mission site are the reponsibility of the volunteer.

Applications shoud be submitted six months in advance to allow for vetting, orientation and preparation.

Orientation Process

The volunteer committee will prepare the approved volunteer via email, phone or in person. The volunteer will be expected to prepare through prayer, language and culture study, and learning about travel and mission life.


Application Process

Step 1

Email the volunteer committee, to express your interest or to further inquire about the P.R.A.Y. mission. Please tell us about yourself and the reasons for your interest.

Step 2

The volunteer committee will email you to inform you of current happenings and current volunteer needs

Step 3

Complete and email the Volunteer Application and Agreement and Release Statement to the committee. Mail the signiture statement to PRAY, 601 Elm Street, Wamego, KS, USA, 66547.

Step 4

The applicant will have an interview with our volunteer coordinator either by telephone or in person. References will be contacted and a background check will be done.

Step 5

The volunteer committee will evaluate and recommend applicants to the USA PRAY Board of Directors for final approval. The applicant will be notified of acceptance or denial by the volunteer coordinator.