Project Rescue of Amazon Youth

How to Help

Project Rescue of Amazon Youth is maintained by the Grace of God and driven by faith. It was by a sense of call that the mission was established, and every year since has witnessed both growth and challenge. We have learned to rely on prayers and donations that sometimes come quite literally when we are wondering if we can continue the mission. We are pleased that, increasingly, the small shop owners and good people of Jacunda and Tocantinopolis, often out of very meager resources, are increasingly giving food, labor, and even cash to the mission. We also enjoy the support of the local government, through which children are referred and assigned to PRAY.

Your Help is Needed

Our Acronym reminds us of the most basic thing we need to do: pray. We need cash donations, of course - preferably regular, sustained support of $20 or more a month of whatever God enables you to give. (We try to keep our donors informed as to what is happening at PRAY. We may seek your input on some decisions from time to time. But we promise we won't "bug" you nor share your name with any other organization without your express permission.)

From time to time, we seek donations of items, such as school supplies, clothing, and medical supplies. Since these needs change, it would be best to send an email to Helena Kilian,, or use the contact form on the "contact" page. Outside Brazil, please send cash donations and/or pledge indications to PRAY in care of First Presbyterian Church, 601 Elm, Wamego, KS, USA, 66547.

Happy Children

See the Difference You Can Make!

Project Rescue of Amazon Youth children are healthier, happier, and more prepared for learning.

They are loved by caring adults, perhaps for the first time in their young lives.

They are introduced to the joy of God's Word and God's Love, something that will stay with and strengthen them forever.

Children who were neglected, abused, and even homeless have safety, security, food, spiritual guidance, on site medical care, and people who truly love and care for them..