Project Rescue of Amazon Youth

About P.R.A.Y

Project Rescue of Amazon Youth is a Christian not-for-profit charitable organization consisting of Catholic, Protestant, Evangelical, and non-denominational churches and individuals collaborating together as disciples of Christ in the common goal of serving children who are abused, neglected, orphaned, or otherwise in need.

The primary campus is located on eight acres in Jacunda, a city of about 70,000. There is a large building with dormitories for girls and for boys, an apartment for house parents, and a kitchen, lounging area, and dining area. Other buildings include a medical clinic (for the community), classrooms, offices, library, and a prayer chapel. The children attend public school and worship in local congregations, primarily (but not exclusively) Roman Catholic.

Older children who have been at PRAY for an extended time have the opportunity to move to the "Teen House" in Tocantinopolis, where they have better educational and employment opportunities.

Some of Our Children
Legal Information

In the United States, Project Rescue of Amazon Youth is a 501-C(3) organization. In Brazil, the ministry has been granted the status of being "Registered" with the Brazilian government. Elected Boards of Directors, one in Brazil and one in Kansas, each manage and oversee the mission, while frequently communicating and copperating with one-another.